We are all about prosthetic dentistry here!

Prosthodontists are dental specialists trained in the restoration and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance, and health by restoring natural teeth that are broken or worn, or in the case of missing teeth, replaced.

We use the latest technology

We use a 3D laser scanner to take precision images of your teeth. We design your restoration on a 3D CAD computer and can simulate the fit in the computer. When we're done it is sent to our in-office milling unit.

The lab is in our office!

The milling chamber uses diamond burs to manufacture your restoration out of a ceramic block. There are various ceramic materials that may be used. Dr. Stewart will advise the correct material for your situation. He will then custom characterize the restoration in a ceramic furnace so that it blends with your other teeth, all done while you relax in our office.

The desktop laboratory

We utilize a new concept in the delivery of dental care, the desktop laboratory. This laboratory has a 3D camera, instead of impressions, to image your mouth. Your tooth is designed with CAD/CAM software and milled out of a block of ceramic.
Stewart CADLAB

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Really enjoy rubber impressions when you need a crown? We have not met anyone who looks forward to that! Now we have digital impressions with a 3-D camera, and final high-strength ceramic crowns milled while you watch. These CAD/CAM crowns are completed in ONE appointment. No worries about temporary crowns staying on the tooth for several weeks while the crown is being made in a lab elsewhere. We are the lab!



Missing teeth can be a real problem. Jaw joints can hurt, teeth can shift, your bite can be off, speech can be affected, and your chewing can be awkward. Missing teeth can result in the other teeth becoming loose or cracking. We spend our days restoring the health of patients’ mouths by replacing missing teeth with implant crowns and bridges, natural tooth bridges, removable partials, and complete dentures.



Even though we are a prosthodontic specialty dental office, we offer professional cleanings that also allow review of our dental work. Often patients are referred to our office to solve particularly challenging dental conditions. When their rehabilitation is complete, we often alternate their professional cleanings with their general dentist or specialist so that both offices get to see the patient each year for review. When patients have no routine dental “home”, we also provide professional cleaning, restorative care, and overall supervision…we become their dentist.

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