Frequently asked questions, with answers!

What is a prosthodontist?
Do you do implants at this office?
How long does it take?
How long do I have wait after the implant is placed to have the crown or bridge placed?
What’s better, a bridge or an implant?
Are all crowns the same?
What are CEREC restorations we see in advertisements?
How long do dental restorations and prostheses last?
I’ve heard that some dental offices send their lab work out of the country to be fabricated. Does your office do that?
Are dental X-rays necessary?
My jaws hurt occasionally. Why?
How do you sterilize instruments?
I’ve heard that the dental unit water lines need special treatment to make the water safe for patients. Do you treat the water?
What do you do if I have a dental emergency when the office is closed?
How do you expect payment?
Do you offer a payment plan?
Do you accept credit cards?
Since I have dental insurance, I won’t need to pay for my dental work, right?